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Hi there! Before you make any confirmed booking for your wedding transport, we wish to share with you our vast experience and expertise in the wedding transport industry! Our award winning company desires for you to have a happy and memorable wedding day!

So – have a look at our hints! Any questions – then give us a call or send an email, our friendly staff are waiting to assist!

1. Confirm the wedding transport company’s credentials, testimonials and/or awards OR speak to friends regarding a
referral. Is the company, vehicles & drivers accredited with Queensland Transport or a member of the Queensland Limousine Association
2. Are you planning a style, theme / colour for your wedding day? Choose vehicle/s to complement the style, theme or colour. Ensure that the vehicle you select will accommodate the number of people in your wedding party.
3. Do you require air conditioned / heated vehicles?
4. Once you have these questions answered, then complete our initial Wedding Enquiry Form on this website, include as many details as possible, and we will provide our best quote.
5. Book your wedding transport at least six (6) months prior to the wedding. Book earlier if you are planning a March/April/May or September/October wedding! These are busy times! Check our, or any other, company cancellation/refund policy, are you able to make changes, is there a cost if you make any changes?
6. Request to view vehicle/s prior to your wedding day to confirm the most appropriate vehicle, for your needs, has been selected. Check presentation of vehicle inside & out. Ask questions, be satisfied with the answers!
7. Ensure any driver has knowledge of the destination & venue, whether there is sufficient access area for nominated vehicle/s (particularly a stretch limousine) & that there is easy access for the bridal party.
8. If you have more than one wedding transport supplier, ensure all contact details are provided to each supplier for a smooth co-ordination of vehicles on the wedding day.
9. Check Google Maps to confirm there is sufficient time allocated between venues, prior to finalising your wedding day schedule. Confirm these times with your wedding transport provider.
10. Allow sufficient time for photos at each location – you don’t want to be rushing! Confirm these times with your photographer.

Transport requirements to the Ceremony

1. Vehicle for bride and father
2. Vehicle for bridesmaids and mother of bride
3. Groom & best men to arrive at the ceremony venue at least 20 minutes prior to commencement.
4. Vehicle for parents of bride and groom – to keep with your wedding day theme, parents may wish to organise a complementary or matching vehicle
5. Is transport also required for extended family and/or friends? We suggest you provide your wedding transport company’s contact details to your guests in your wedding invitations.

Transport requirements to Reception

1. Vehicle for Bride and Groom
2. Vehicle for Bridesmaids and Best Men
3. Vehicle for Bride and Groom Parents

Transport requirements after Reception

1. Bride and Groom to accommodation
2. Bride and Groom parents return transport
3. Is return transport also required for extended family and/or friends?

Confirm transport bookings at least one (1) week prior to wedding.

We understand you have many things to consider for your special day – please call or email us, we are always happy to assist! AND – allow time to enjoy your wedding day!

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